A Change of Heart


About a week and a half ago I published a blog post about my experiences at both a Wharton info session and the Riordan Diversity MBA Admissions Conference (CA) just 2 days apart here in Los Angeles. Each event was exceptionally well-run and worthy of due praise.

Though anyone applying during the 2012-13 season has already missed  that opportunity to attend Riordan/DMAC event this year, I would deem it as the #1 MUST have experience outside of an actual school visit while a prospective student/applicant.

While that is easy for me to say being 15-20 minutes down the freeway from the site of the event, I would strong recommend that you attend if it fits into your schedule and budget (There were people in attendance from as far as South America). The list of quality schools in attendance alone is more than worth the meager admission and the face time with ad coms of that caliber is second to none.

That being said, I’ve been doing some thinking since that post. Those thoughts then led to action; and I’d like to update you on what I decided to do and why.

The Road to Hell is Paved with “Good Intentions”

I started mbaover30.com for several well-intended reasons:

1) My own therapy. As you well know, this is a grueling process; and this blog helps take some of the edge off of the tension and stress that I’ve felt while going through it.

2) Camaraderie with all of you. The community that I have been blessed to see form around this blog has been literally blown me away; from those of you asking questions to those lending your own wisdom to the discussion. I’ve even gotten to meet a few folks from Team MBAOver30 over the past few weeks. It’s been a joy to hear your stories about how the blog has made you feel inspired, validated or even just made you fall out on the floor in laughter.

3) Advice for those who come behind me. One thing that I’ve learned about this process is that it is impossible to get it even remotely right on your own. I’ve benefited from the wisdom and advice of MBA applicant bloggers before me and wanted to make my own contribution to the body of knowledge for those desperately searching for morsels of information on how to properly go about applying to a top B-school. I’ve seen a huge spike in this as of late as Google has recently become the #1 source of traffic into the blog (previously it was other blogs and MBA communities).

I DID NOT start this blog, however, to hurt people in any way, shape or form.

I spent a great deal of real estate in my previous post giving an honest and straightforward account of my experiences at the Riordan/DMAC event that I attended  on August 11th in Los Angeles. While every word of it was true, I had second thoughts (actually I had third thoughts, but who’s counting?) about how some people might feel about how my account of their actions was recorded in that post.

The Myth of Anonymity

None of us are really ever completely anonymous–even when we try to be so. I’ve already had no less than 6 or 7 people come up to me at various events and ask “Hey, are you mbaover30?” with no real intel about me. And that’s just within the past week and a half, no less.

This got me to thinking. While the identities of the most undesirable characters that I observed that day would be impossible for anyone to guess–let alone know for certain–there were two folks in particular who were not named but would absolutely recognize themselves in that post and might possibly be hurt by reading my account of what I saw from them and what I thought about it. Thus, I decided to delete the entire section that spoke about them and never mention it again.

The Thing About Candor

MBAOver30.com is definitely an editorial blog; which is an extension of my personality. I’ve always been quite opinionated and I value engaging, stimulating, and uncensored discourse; however, if the forum within which that discourse is being shared is public, some things are just better left out–unless, of course, you simply don’t care about how those mentioned might feel about it. In that case it’s all fair game, I guess.

Thing is, I do care; thus, I made the changes that I felt needed to be made.

If it Doesn’t Feel Right, it Probably Isn’t

My mother always told me that “If you can feel yourself adding a disclaimer about something before you even express it, you should probably keep it to yourself”. Well, I am not nearly as conservative as good ‘ole mom (she read and meditated over her worn King James Bible for days when she found out I had decided to move to California years ago. Where I come from, people think that God is likely to wipe out the entire state that I live in during a tidal wave of holy cleansing; but that’s another blog for another day). At the same time, however, I recognize the merit in her words.

When I first wrote that blog post I did not even include that section (first thoughts). Then later that day I went back and did a huge edit, adding it (second thoughts).  And now here I am devoting an entire additional post to explaining why I chose to go back and delete it (third thoughts). Life lesson learned.

Moving Forward

At any rate, I’d like to thank each of you for reading, commenting and sharing my MBA applicant commentary and musings at MBAOver30.com. You can expect healthy and vibrant continuation of the candid, funny and yes even mildly provocative content that you have become accustomed to; so please don’t think that I’ll be going all straight-laced and corporate on ya.

We’ll definitely still have our fun. I just want to be mindful that no one gets hurt in the process.


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7 Comments on “A Change of Heart”

  1. OhDenny Says:

    A scholar AND a gentleman.

    Come visit! Things are crazy. You have a place to stay.


    • mbaover30 Says:

      🙂 I just may take you up on that Denny! It’ll be in the winter, though. That’s when I’m submitting my Consortium apps. We must talk soon (when time permits). I’m excited to hear how things are going for you at Yale.


  2. Angie Says:

    Well said.


  3. Geraldo Says:

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    up fast! What web host are you the use of? Can I get
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