MIT App Submitted, No News from HBS

I’ve just submitted my last and final app for Round 1: MIT Sloan. After weeks of an on again, off again relationship with this particular app, I was pleased to see how it came together in the end. Ultimately, it became one of my favorite apps to complete. Now let’s just hope that the Sloan adcom is just as pleased.

Apps with Eating Disorders

Despite a bit of anorexia on the app itself, I really got the sense that Sloan is one of those schools who really wants to get to know you. If I were to get a ding from a school like that, I’d be much more willing to simply walk away, satisfied that I had given my all than in a case where I didn’t feel I got to express myself and that the adcom may have missed or not been exposed to something.

No News from HBS; Wharton and Booth Tee Up

So the big news yesterday surrounded HBS’ mass emailing of what many speculate to be the greater chunk of its interview invites. I didn’t get one, but congratulate all who did.  There’s another (supposedly smaller) group who will get theirs on next Wednesday the 24th, the day after Wharton begins sending theirs out and about a week before Chicago Booth sends all of theirs in one big blast. I’ve also heard that the Stanford GSB has begun its season-long trickle of invites. as well. It will be nearly Thanksgiving before I know anything about Sloan.

You know, I honestly cannot tell you which has been the worst part of this process for me thus far: studying for the GMAT or waiting to hear whether you were deemed worthy of an interview. And I imagine that waiting for final decisions will be even worse.

Needless to say, I may be a little uneasy over the next few weeks, so bear with me people. While I won’t be “losing it” over bad news from any one school, I’m just hoping that I am happy with the overall results in the end. So let us all pray for mutual success–and sanity.


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8 Comments on “MIT App Submitted, No News from HBS”

  1. xg Says:

    Hey 30+, I’m curious. How many people did you use for your recommendations? I was thinking of applying to 8 schools split over 2 rounds next year, but at the same time I know that my recommenders might reach a breaking point if I ask for too much of their time.


  2. Guest Says:

    Don’t sweat it. As someone who’s been there, the MBA is not going to make or break you. In fact, if you’re the entrepreneur you are destined to become, you will be okay (Neither snow nor rain nor VC funds nor gloom of night shall stay your destiny with success). Just focus. And get going on the business already. Everything you learn in your first few crashes will be priceless (more so than the MBA stuff).


    • mbaover30 Says:

      My boss did all 5 and will do consortium + 2 in R2. No way around that. Lacking a direct supervisor’s rec is a red flag. I used my boss’ boss for the hardest four, and someone else really good for another. That’s 3; but HBS requires a 3rd (non peer) and Stanford requires a 3rd (peer). So that’s 5. I won’t be adding any more for R2, but using my secondary #2 in R2 as they will have only written one.


  3. Dennis Says:

    Hey, MBAover30,

    Just curious – did you do the multimedia format for your MIT optional essay? What do you think the % of people that opt for the non-traditional approach?

    Thanks for everything and BEST of LUCK!


    • mbaover30 Says:

      Hey Dennis. Yes, I did opt for the multimedia approach but I have no idea what percent opted for that. If you search YouTube you can find a few of them up there. Someone posted a link to two of them and shared them with me. Best of luck to you, too!



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