The MBA Gods Smiled Twice in 2 Days: Invited to Interview at Wharton

So the short version of the story is that the MBA Gods have smiled once again. I’ve just been invited to interview for a spot at The Wharton Business School, just 28 hours after receiving an invite to interview at The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business (for which I’ve already been matched with a Booth alum for an interview). Woot Woot!

Doubts Borne of a Ding

There is a chasm between where I am right now and where I was a week ago mentally and emotionally. While I’m past the age where most people are likely to doubt themselves, I certainly doubted the quality of  my execution.

There were things that I thought to say and situations that I remembered to highlight AFTER I had submitted everything. And that stiff, cold ding from HBS honestly made me second guess whether my approach had been all wrong. Who knows? Perhaps it was all wrong for one school and fairly spot on for others?

I’m a firm believer that things happen just as they are supposed to. And I’m more than glad about everything that is happening right now. Now its just a matter of whether I have what it takes to hold it together and close some deals. Only time will tell, and I will be proud of  myself either way for having made it even this far.

Mach II with Your Hair on Fire

So here’s the trip: for months I’ve basically been agonizing day after day, week after week over the snail’s pace of this long and meandering journey to a world-class MBA program. Just a week ago, I needed a scotch on the rocks to cheer myself up. Today, I need a double to celebrate back-to-back invites. And within 3 weeks, this entire pre-MBA journey will pretty much be out of my hands until mid-December when I’ll find out if and where I’ll have the option of attending. It all feels somewhat surreal.

Well, I guess I’ll be putting down my book and PS3 control and jumping into interview prep with both feet starting tonight. I’m NOT giving up the gym again like I did for the GMAT and my apps though–if I am destined to be “the older guy” on campus, that’s fine; but I’ll be damned if I end up being the FAT old guy.

Congrats to everyone else who has been invited to interview at schools you are excited about and good luck to those who are both waiting and who have yet to apply (R2 is just around the corner!).

Cheers to all.


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47 Comments on “The MBA Gods Smiled Twice in 2 Days: Invited to Interview at Wharton”

  1. healthcare2mba Says:

    Congratulations! The 2 invites back-2-back are very encouraging and exciting! I’m prepared for my R2 apps with a 700 gmat, too. Will also be an older guy in B-schools if I’m lucky enough to get in. So seeing your positive progress definitely fuels up my tank to go through the journey. Best wishes!!!!


  2. Jude Florido Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I would be the happiest person on earth if I were to receive an interview invite by Wharton. Next year will tell…


  3. bschool2013 Says:

    “I’m NOT giving up the gym again like I did for the GMAT and my apps though–if I am destined to be “the older guy” on campus, that’s fine; but I’ll be damned if I end up being the FAT old guy.”

    Ha ha, I hear ya man. Crossfit is my fountain of youth!


  4. Kofi Kankam Says:

    You’re on fire…keep shooting.


  5. cheetarah1980 Says:

    I am so mad that you counted the hours between invites. Boy bye!
    But seriously, I am so very happy for you. I saw your Wharton application and my gut told me that you’d be a shoo-in for an interview. Looks like my instincts are spot on. I know you’ll kill it.


    • mbaover30 Says:

      You really should be in business as a consultant–or at least an essay reviewer. NONE of my apps would be in the condition they are if not for your ripping my essays to shreds (with a Cheshire grin each time, might I add LOL).


      • cheetarah1980 Says:

        Since you could not see my face during all of my critiques I will not allow you to assume that I took pleasure in ripping your essays to shreds. The burden of proof is on you my friend and you have not one shred of evidence. I will say that I am not in the least bit surprised that you received invites at the two schools whose applications I did the most essay reviews for. I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin’ 🙂

      • mbaover30 Says:

        Right right….and I do have proof…your writing is vivid enough for me to pretty much know how you’re looking when you write things…like…don’t think I don’t know what your EXACT expression when you said “I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin” (actually the phrase is “I’m not saying; I’m just sayin”) 😉

  6. Hswm Says:

    Congratulaions again…you are on a roll….very happy for you


  7. OhDenny Says:

    BOOOO. No fistbump for this one.

    Kidding. You are awesome. Happy for you.


  8. Ob1 Says:

    Fantastic! I’m also an over-30, so have been following your adventures closely. Got an interview invite from Tuck, so looking forward to that! All the best!


  9. str1der Says:

    Congrats! Hopefully some smiles will come my way as well in a different time zone 🙂


  10. Linda Abraham Says:

    Congratulations! @ interview invitations is great.

    FYI. While obviously Accepted MBA Interview Feedback database has feedback from last year, it is full of questions going back years that you can use for practice. And yes, we have feedback from Wharton and Chicago.


  11. KM80 Says:


    Right now I am just overwhelmed at the amount of work I need to do before I turn in my first application. which is due a month from now. What would your advice be? 1) School research (which I have been doing btw) 2) Resume 3) Essays 4) Recommendation? Whats the order? Any tips on how I could streamline the application process? Thanks for reading and good luck with both interviews.


  12. Gaurav Says:


    I have a question for you. How important is it to justify the “why now” if you are 30+.?
    And, in which section of the application can one answer this? Because, as such the application does not ask this question anywhere. All this noise over the 30+ being too old is making me feel like 60+.

    Any suggestion/comment will be great help.



    • mbaover30 Says:

      It’s really an important question for anyone to answer. It’s MORE important for 30+ because adcoms and interviewers will wonder why you didn’t take care of this earlier. Are you drifter? Trying to restart a failed career? As long as you can show how what you have done up to now not only leads up to this point but how it all pushes you toward your next step—which you NEED and MBA to accomplish….you’ll be fine.


      • Gaurav Says:

        working late nights? huh?
        thanks very much for the prompt reply.!

        I am neither a drifter nor am I trying to start my failed career. It is only now that I feel that I need an MBA to advance my career. what is wrong with that?


      • mbaover30 Says:

        Everything is right with that. Now flesh that story out more with details; illustrate how everything comes together as one big plan as opposed to a knee jerk decision. Do that, and you should be fine as long as there are no other glaring weaknesses in your profile.

      • Gaurav Says:

        thanks bud!
        wish me luck! my choice is similar to yours as far B schools are concerned

      • mbaover30 Says:

        Consider your luck wished for !

  13. joey joe joe junior shabadu Says:

    My path is following yours in an eerily similar fashion. 30, dinged by HBS and invited to Booth and Wharton interviews. I’ll keep checking your blog to see what’s going to happen to me next.



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