Wharton’s R2 Welcome Weekend Comedy Routine

April 16, 2013

Business School

peoplelaughing Earlier today, I was pleasantly surprised by a Facebook message from Matt Higbee, the Wharton student/banker/comic who roasted me for a few brief moments in his routine for R2.

In it, he thanked me for being a good sport about the jab(s) and for understanding that they were all in good fun; no doubt. He also sent me the YouTube link of his entire routine. I must say that I was quite impressed.

Matt, I’ll definitely be in attendance at whatever stand up shows you do in Philly man–as long as I don’t have work to do; or code to write;  or a date; or the hiccups; or a headache; or gas; or it’s cold.

Yeah, but real talk, this dude is funny. I’ve linked to his entire 9 min routine here (Sorry for not embedding it, but WordPress now demands that you upgrade to some new fancy premium monthly subscription just to embed a single YouTube video; ain’t nobody got time for dat).


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4 Comments on “Wharton’s R2 Welcome Weekend Comedy Routine”

  1. cheetarah1980 Says:

    LMAO!! This dude is hilarious. That’s exactly why I loved Wharton so much.


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