Funemployment, Prepping for Wharton and Turning 36

FunemploymentI’ve never really been the jealous type. That notwithstanding, it can be quite a challenge to not become a hater when all of your rich banker classmates are gallivanting around the globe after having quit their pre MBA jobs months ago while you report to a cube each day.

So naturally, I was more than excited to join the ranks of the “fun-employed” 2 weeks ago when I had my last day at work at the internet company.  In fact, I was supposed to have written this post 2 weeks ago, but I haven’t had 2 seconds to sit down and devote to it with all of the upheaval that has occurred since turning in my parking pass and company ID card a fortnight ago.

The Big Move

For starters, my lease ended the Sunday after my last Friday on the job. Since I believe in traveling light, I didn’t bother to do the whole “moving all your stuff across the country” that many of my classmates–particularly the married ones–have been engaging in recently.

I pretty much gave away everything in my apartment with the exception of my books, electronics and some of my clothes. All of my nicer furniture went to a mentee who just got his first apartment. Some other decent stuff went to an older neighbor who is on a fixed income. Even more of my stuff went to that same neighbor to sell in the garage sales that he uses to supplement his income.

My refrigerator and stove were donated to a single woman with 3 kids who could not afford a large enough freezer for her family of four. She attended the church of another neighbor of mine. I also dropped a bunch of stuff off at goodwill.

After that, I shipped 11 regular boxes and 1 huge guitar box to Philadelphia about a week ago. It arrived today and will stay there with a family member until I touch down on the 23rd of this month.

Wharton Prep

While I had originally planned to spend these weeks reading entrepreneurship books and pondering business ideas, I’ve instead been doomed to studying for pre-term exams–or at least that is what I have been trying to do. With all of the moving, closing up things at work, shipping stuff, handling of affairs, LA friends requesting (or demanding) “one last” happy hour/dinner/brunch/BBQ I have had a difficult time prepping the way I had hoped I would have.

I have a math proficiency exam due Monday that I am cramming for at my parents’ home. After that I must study for 4 different waiver exams for STAT, OPIM (basic ops), and 2 sections of ECON….all classes that I would like to do without; thing is, I may end up taking one, two or all 4 of them anyway if I am not able to pull off sufficient studying prior to the buzzer. We shall see.

Let FOMO Begin

Preterm is a full three weeks away (which means that the start of the fall term is 5-6 weeks away) and I have already either signed up for or made some verbal commitment to check out the following:

African America MBA Assoc. Retreat – July prior to pre-term

Founders’ Retreat – this retreat is one of the reasons why I chose Wharton over Booth and Sloan. Several of the more serious entrepreneurial students began hosting this annually starting a year or two ago. Founders and VCs from within the Wharton network are brought back to run a series of clinics for current students who are looking to build something right now.

Wharton ’15’s descend on the US Open – Since one of my classmates organized this, something like 140 folks–including yours truly–have ponied up the cash to reserve a spot in the swarm of us that will attend this event together.

100 Mile Bike Ride – There are a few professional cyclers in my class. One threw out a random suggestion that a few folks should ride from Philly to NYC, 50 miles and a couple hours each way. It was kind of a tongue and cheek joke; then over 50 people expressed interest. I guess the joke was on him.

Rugby Team – I doubt that I will actually join the rugby team. I’d like to, but I don’t see how I could without seriously aggravating some previous sprains and strains that I try to work around as much as possible. Yet, anytime I meet someone from that team (the latest were two guys that I ran into at a Wharton happy hour in Los Angeles during the MBA finals a month or so ago) and they see my size, they insist that I at least ‘give it a look’. Yeah right. A “look” that will result in a jersey, knee socks and cleats lol.

1st Potential Co-Founder – I’ve also been in talks with someone who used to be a blog reader of mine about being co-founders. I critiqued his packet for R2 admissions (though I didn’t think he needed my critique at all; his stas and pedigree were fantastic).

On Turning 36 

So yesterday (Saturday, the 12th)I celebrated my 36th birthday. While 36 isn’t a “milestone” birthday like 35, it marched me a step deeper into my 30’s. I’m actually a lot happier and more fit than I was year ago since I have more time to work out (since I’m not writing my essays) and there is no cloud of uncertainty over my head.

This time last year, I wasn’t even sure if I’d get one interview from a top school. Today, my #1 concern is locking down a decent apartment close enough to Wharton, Trader Joes, a B of A branch and a good gym for my move in a couple of weeks. Life is definitely good, and I look forward to what the next few months may bring.

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20 Comments on “Funemployment, Prepping for Wharton and Turning 36”

  1. Gaurav Says:

    Happy B’day friend! All the best for your great future!
    May you climb the success ladder fast and enjoy your life to the fullest!


  2. mbagirljourney Says:

    Great post, good luck on your move!


  3. Angie Says:

    Wonderful! Happy Birthday.


  4. Drew Says:

    Good luck with your move and the proficiency exams. Sounds like your calendar is getting crammed. Try not to spread yourself too thinly!


  5. mark Says:

    hey mba…everyone knows that wharton students live at riverloft!


    • mbaover30 Says:

      …which is exactly why I am not living there LOL. I’m a very private person…I got a place that is close to everyone; yet, its a condo building full of Philly residents, not people from my program.


  6. DanielleJ Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    I am a couple of years older than you, and I am hoping my back to school journey will turn out to be similar to yours.
    Take care and good luck on all of those exams. 🙂


  7. XGRTC Says:

    Got to thank you for that post about Practicing Perfectly, it made a light bulb go off in my head. I gave a shout out to you in the first post.


  8. cheetarah1980 Says:

    Hey, I wanna go to the US Open with ya’ll. Can I get in on the fun?


  9. Renault Says:

    (If you’re planning on actually riding from Philly to NYC and back, you should know that it’s almost double the distance you cited above.)

    That said, sounds like fun.


  10. MBA Data Guru Says:

    Wow, you are so generous giving away all your stuff. I am freaking out over how to pay for school. Since getting into NYU I cut my monthly credit card bill from $2,500 to $600. I never knew it was possible.


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