Podcast on Getting into B-School After 30, Identity Revealed and other Nonsense

October 3, 2013

Business School

keepcalmimbackWhat’s up guys. Remember me? LOL. I’ve actually been trying to get to another post for the past 3 weeks quite unsuccessfully. Life in b-school is amazing on one hand and all consuming on the other.  I wanted to give you a heads up on a podcast that I’m featured in where I give tips to folks over 30 on how to get into top business schools.  During this interview you”ll:

  • Finally find out my true identity
  • Learn why top-ranked MBAs tend to trend younger
  • Hear the 2 application “booby traps” you must avoid
  • Discover the importance of movement and believability in your application
  • Hear how and why to gather as much experiential school data as possible
  • Learn why you shouldn’t force fit in your application
  • Learn how to tie together work experience that might seem unrelated
  • Hear common traits adcoms look for from both older AND younger candidates: initiative, impact and purpose

Also, I am FINALLY putting up a new post THIS WEEKEND–I promise. In it, I’ll cover:

  • A Few admissions tips
  • How to start gearing up for interviews NOW
  • Academic and Social Life at Wharton
  • Co-curricular stuff I’m enjoying, including:
  • A new club I’ve started at Wharton
  • A few words on the Wharton WSJ headlines

Ok, I need to finish my management reading before class. I’ll talk to you in a couple of days.

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9 Comments on “Podcast on Getting into B-School After 30, Identity Revealed and other Nonsense”

  1. Angie Says:

    Hi there!

    So awesome. Glad to hear from you again.

    I actually emailed you in late August to inquire with you regarding Wharton. Unfortunately, I was out of town and fell ill, and I could not attend a couple of the events I wanted to. Now, it appears that Wharton reps will not be back in LA.

    Is it cool if I email you to inquire further? I wanted to ask a few questions, but not sure if I just want to send my query to a general mailbox.

    I know you are quite busy, so I understand if you do not have much time. Thanks.


  2. theunsuremba Says:

    Great podcast!

    I really appreciate the insight on how to tie together work experience. It is very relevant information, but not something I had thought about in that way. I started reworking my resume so it can be more business school ready, and I was concerned that my job changes would work against me, but now I see that there are links between the positions where I can show growth and new skill acquisition. Thanks!


  3. Laura Says:

    Hi! I love how you are so real with your blog posts regarding your life and the process of how you are getting your MBA! I am very interested in going to B school and am wondering for those prestigious schools, like the ones you got invited to interview for, how exactly to get invited for an interview? I was wondering, is there a separate application process for the interview part of the application or is it just random?


    • mbaover30 Says:

      Hello Laura. The schools pick the best of the applications (or at least the ones they’re most interested in) and offer those people interviews; then they choose their classes from those interviewed; except schools such as Kellogg who interview everyone.


  4. Chan Says:

    Hello, I loved the podcast and the practical comments. I have the following questions if you Could please give your view.

    1) what is the age that you think can be in the old bracket? > 28? I would be 30 when I plan to apply

    2) you mentioned that such people with lot of work experience should not mention in the applications that they want to get into IB or consulting as these are young people’s jobs. But that is exactly why I want to get a Mba so I can switch careers into one of the fields. So what do I do? Something I can ? Or I just have to start looking at other options?

    3) this is off- topic . I have two years left before I apply. I have a very traditional career with not much extras (not that I am anti social or something. It’s just. That I spend most of my time at work. I want to make my application interesting . What are the things I could do in the next two years to fit. As I said I would most likely be doing them out of passion and not trying to force-fit .


    • mbaover30 Says:

      You really aren’t considered “old” in MBAland until you’re about 33; that is also the time when you should be careful with IB and consulting goals. If you’ll be 30/31, you’ll have no problem–at least not based on age. Also, if you are applying 2 years from now you have plenty of time to find time for community service and impact. Find and do something you are passionate about. That will take away your excuses to not do it.



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