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Gaining admission into the world’s top MBA programs can be tricky. To say that this process can be mind-numbing and nerve racking would be an understatement.

I know exactly how you feel right now. After being told by several admissions consultants that I shouldn’t even bother to try applying at a business school, I gained admission to 3 of the world’s very best MBA programs with scholarship offers from each, and now for the past several years I’ve helped people just like you gain admission into some of the world’s most prestigious MBA programs.

To see if I may be able teo help you, submit your profile info for me to review. Its FREE. I’ll get back with you within 24-48 hours and we’ll go from there. If we feel there’s a fit, we’ll get to work on your strategy and/or admissions package right away.

A Testimonial from a Satisfied MBA Admit

As an applicant with start-up dreams, I ran into the career goal essays like they were a brick wall. I questioned if an MBA was right for me, and started to doubt my shot at admittance with my lofty aspirations. I decided to get a reality check from someone who had successfully conquered this process, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. With MBAOver30‘s help, I went through several tough rounds of introspection and emerged with a clear sense of purpose, a host of leadership stories, and a precise, professional resume. My essays are starting to flow, and I feel relaxed and confident heading into application season. I would absolutely recommend the MBAOver30 resume and strategy consulting services!

– E.B., USA
2014 Wharton admit


More Testimonials from MBA Clients…

My Booth interview went without a hitch, and just as you had predicted, all the interview questions were the ones we had put together and reviewed. Since I had spent some time putting those together and reviewing them, I found myself flowing from one topic to the next without the interviewer even asking.I got the offer of admission from Booth a couple of weeks ago, and I have (obviously) accepted. So now it’s off to business school :-)You have been very patient through the application process with me, and we took a bit longer than usual to get everything organized. I also recognize that through the process, you did not apply cut and dried essay templates to get me to completion faster, rather helped me develop my own voice for the essays.Thanks again for your help!

– N.B., India
2014 Booth Admit

Wow! Thank you so much for your effort. I have worked with 3 other consultants (two of whom are considered the best in the business.) But NOBODY has pushed me like you have and NOBODY has helped me to make the kind of edits and insightful revisions that you have. And we only had 10 DAYS to get it all done! Thanks again!

– V.M., USA
Targeting top 10 schools

I just wanted to say thanks very much for all your help; I was accepted into both Wharton and Duke (my R1 schools)!! I would not have made it without your help and I’m really grateful for your efforts! Your ding analysis, work on my resume and the clarity map and talking points were very thorough and really helped me to articulate my story and why an MBA is the logical next step for me. I’ll know of XXXX’s decision on January XX, but I think I’ll go with Wharton. I got [undisclosed amount] in Fellowship money from Wharton and [larger undisclosed amount] from Duke. Given my positive outcomes, I won’t be applying to Berkeley and MIT anymore. I look forward to meeting you on campus this Fall! Thanks again!

– C.U, USA
2014 Wharton admit
I received an interview call from INSEAD!!! Thank you so much for all the help, Im sure that it wouldnt have been possible without your help.

– S.S., India
2014 INSEAD admit

Start with a FREE Profile Review


What We WON’T Do

While we will help you as much as possible, we will not:

  • Write your essays for you.
  • Lie for you or co-sign a lie about your profile or accomplishments.
  • Charge you an arm and a leg per school. Trust us, you’ll need that money after you actually get in.
  • Discourage your aspirations to attend your dream school(s); though we may be blunt about how we feel about your odds

What We WILL Do

You can 100% rely on our consultants to:

  • Help you develop and present the best essays possible for your profile.
  • Skillfully position and market you and what you authentically have to offer to admissions committees via your application(s).
  • Give you detailed, rigorous analysis and suggestions for a very affordable investment.
  • Encourage your aspirations at your dream school and help you put together your best strategy for acceptance.
  • Recommend additional schools that we feel you may be a great fit for.

I’m Ready! Help Me Now



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